Best android games of 2018

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If you’re searching for the best new android games available in the Google Play Store, you’ve come to the right place. We already having the list of best android games. If a new game comes out that’s worthy of being added to this list, so you’ll always know about the best games. Now, let us see the list of best android games of 2018.

List of best Android games of 2018

  1. The Room: Old Sins
  2. PUBG Mobile
  3. Dissembler
  4. JYDGE
  5. HQ Trivia

The Room: Old Sins

It is one of the brand new epic puzzle game from Fireproof Games and the 4th in the award-winning ‘The Room’ puzzle game series. In this game, you are exploring the home of an ambitious engineer who has gone missing when you find a rather peculiar doll house in the attic. You need to explore different rooms in the doll house that are filled with incredibly sophisticated puzzle boxes and contraptions by using only the sophisticated eyepiece available on this game. There is something really weird going on here. If you solve all the puzzles, you will see what happened to the missing engineer and his wife.

PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile is one of the best Android game forever. It is fully a massive PVP battle royale game that has 100 players against each other on a massive island and each one can have a weapons, ammo, tactical gear, and vehicles. You can also drop in as a solo player or as part of a team. The only thing is you have to use all your best skills to take down your opponents until you’re the last man standing.

You will be really surprised at how well PUBG plays on a smart-phone. The developers of this game have made it easier for mobile players to pick up and manage items as well as added bots in the lowest ranks to help ease players into the game experience. The Blue-tooth controller support is also available in this game. The touch controls present in this game is really very pretty.


It is one of the colorful and abstract games that could ever seen before. From the outset might seem like another standard tile-swapping match three game. It obviously explains itself which offers a relaxing exploration of patterns in abstract designs. It comes with a nice and easy as the game lays out the basic principles before gradually presenting you with more complex puzzles. In addition, it has more than 120 puzzles to play with no time limits, move limits, or in-app purchases or ads to deal.


YDGE is a dangerous and more violent top-down twin-stick shooter game that is all about blast to play. While playing this game, you will be the JYDGE, a cybernetic enforcement officer who uses his Gavel to dole out Robo Cop-style justice.

The each and every level present in this game is always having a different challenges that are required to progress but never feel like a slogging chore. In this game, you are able to upgrade JYDGE and his gavel with a deep selection of accessories. By this way, the JYDGE retains the rogue-like element from its predecessor Neon Chrome by encouraging you to replay levels with different upgrade combinations until you complete all the challenges.

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a daily trivia game show where you can simply need to answer 12 questions to win a split of the pot. It also provides an entertaining performance as the quiz master extraordinary. It has steadily improved since launching last year with new innovative features letting you play along with friends in the app. There are millions of people play each week due to it’s free and you just might win some cash.

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