Best GBA Games of 2018

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The Gameboy is a well-known platform for creating the mobile gaming industry. When that little hand-held system first launched in 1989 it would sell only 40,000 units in the United States on its first day. In the late 90s, there are more than 118.7 million Gameboys were sold around the world. The Game Boy Advance would release in 2001 bringing to the table portable gaming with similar power and graphics akin to the Super Nintendo. After launching, it was the fastest-selling video game console in America.

List of best GBA Games of 2018

  1. WarioWare: Twisted!
  2. Advance Wars
  3. Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island
  4. Mario Kart Super Circuit
  5. Mother 3

WarioWare: Twisted!

It is one of the most addicting game on the list and perhaps the best Gameboy Advance game forever. It has over 200 micro games in a sequence and needs you to rotate your Gameboy Advance or press the A button. The game cartridge has an in-built gyro sensor that finds when you tilt your Gameboy Advance sideways. Therefore, you may run into a game where you need to pilot an airplane and then adjust someone’s earmuffs or stay still as an egg to avoid breaking. It can be categorized as a puzzle game and with its various game modes, nonsensical humorous story plot, and innovative game-play mechanics.

Advance Wars

It is basically a thinking person’s game as well as it is a turn-based tactics video game where players command an army of different units they build up and wage war with against other armies. The Advance Wars is considered to be one of the best games of all time.The success of Advance Wars has completely changed the Nintendo’s attitude about Western gamers’ taste for genres that ultimately relieving a thirst in America where gamers have a history of love for strategy war games such as Command & Conquer and Star craft.

In addition, the Advance Wars is an addictive games on this list in a different way. In this game, while battling enemies the players were planning ahead by building and controlling units on grid-based map and then moving around obstacles and finally capturing neutral buildings or their foe’s abodes. There are so many units are available in this game such as helicopters, tanks and mech robots have unique strengths and weaknesses that can counterbalance each other in combat.

Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island

There are 48 levels are available in this game across six worlds which is having you to traverse flower field-filled lands and chippy rocky mountains on escalating carousels while battling enemies such as carnivorous plants with teeth and even stoic caterpillars. While playing the game, the player needs to project their long dinosaur tongue and eating less-imposing enemies and digesting them into eggs that can be thrown at other enemies.

Mario Kart Super Circuit

The Mario Kart Super Circuit combines together with the original Super Mario Kart game for SNES and Mario Kart 64 to make an excellent hand-held 2D racer. It includes unlock-able tracks with a Time Trial mode to practice your lap speed times and a Grand Prix. It will help you to play in the main game where you can compete in a championship against other players.

Mother 3

It is one of the most popular and controversial game series which is called as Earthbound in America for Nintendo with endless theories about its dark undertones. It is a 12-year development and a dedicated fan base that amassed over 30,000 signatures for an American release. It can’t be left out officially outside Japan. It cannot stop fans from making an English translation as well as reproducing the game.

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