Best kodi repositories to install gaming addons 2018

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Well, there are lots of repositories and few of them are taken down by ace during the previous month. This caused a disturbance in the kodi community. And lots of the repositories are temporarily shut down. And sadly, some of the best developers of all time left the kodi community. This includes Mr. Blamo, developer of exodus and Neptune rising. And Illuminati repo developers and noobs and nerds repo devs. Since lots of problems are caused in the kodi community, the users are confused weather kodi has a feature or not. And in this article, we will share some of the best repositories to install gaming addons. Not only gaming add-ons, but these repo are also the best of all repositories. As you may already know, there are two ways to install repositories. One is URL installation and the other is zip file installation. Since lots of repo are facing problems, it is good to have a local backup. Here is a bonus, you can use this lazy repository to download all the kodi repository zip files. After downloading you can process to the normal installation.

Best Kodi Repositories to Install Gaming Addons

The best of the best repositories are Fusion repository, Super repo, and kodil repo. These there is the best kodi repository for installing any of the addons. And moreover, these are the repo with a larger userbase. So if there is any problem, developers among the community will help us to solve the issue. Well, let’s see in detail about this repositories.

 Fusion Repository

It is the only classic kodi repository which is working now. The other classic repositories are shut down and this is the only one standing repository. The developer of TVaddon repo and Mr. Blamo with one another developer created the URL Resolver. So fusion repo is the only repo left to take care of the URL Resolver. And it has a good collection of video, sports, live Tv and program addons. It has lots of sports addon available. Though the number is less when compared to the super repository, most of the addons are working fine. And the best thing about fusion repo is, it has lots of the best program addon. And with these program addons, you can perform mos the complicated tasks in a single step. Download Repo from here:

Super Repository

It is the largest of all repository. It has nearly 3000+ addons. But lots of addons are not working. So you need to try the addons which are working. This is the only drawbacks of the super repository. But it has a good categorization to solve this issue. Just check the sports addon categorization. You can find most of the games under this category.

Kodil Repository

Kodil repo is a not a gaming repo by default. But during the infringement strike, ares repository was taken. And most of the files on ares repo are stored as a backup in the kodil repo. So after the strike kodil repo became the main repo and form it people are accessing addons.

These are the best Best kodi repositories to install gaming addons 2018. Hope this article is informative clear.

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