Best PS4 emulator for PC

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The sheer joy of playing your favorite game on PS for hours. only if you are a 90’s kid, you can understand this feeling. There are lots of advancement in technology had happened. And all the play stations are evolved into the latest version. One of the sad things is, you can’t play the previous version of the PS game in the new version. It is not possible to change the PS for every new model. But luckily there is a way to play all your favorite games on a single device. Yep, it is nothing but PC. You can play all your favorite PS games on PC. To play your favorite PS games on Pc, you need a software called emulator. You need to install this software, to play all your favorite PS games.

Best PS4 emulator for PC

There is emulator available out there, but we will be sharing the best of all. There is an emulator called PCSX4. It is one of the best PS4 emulators. You can play all the Ps4 games on your PC with this emulator. And the best part, you can use any of the input devices like a keyboard or joystick. It supports multiple inputs. You can also play multiplayer games. Only thing is you can’t use a PS4 joystick on pc. If you want to use it, you need to use a converter and a hub. PCSX4 supports both windows and mac. It is one of the first emulator top support both mac and windows. You can check out the guide at to know more about ps4 and how to install kodi on PS4. By doing so you can convert your PS4 into a streaming media player.

Special features of PCSX4 emulator

There are some awesome features available. There are a lot of updates and bug fixes. You cant find these features in the other emulators.

  • Native emulationThis is one of the special features available in this PCSX4 emulator. As we know PS4 has a similar architecture as windows, x86 x64 bit architecture. The quality of the game is the same as playing in PS4. This is no compromise on the quality. Even though the PCSX4 video quality is much greater than the PC, the real-time quality is great.
  •  Unlocked FPSOne of the major drawbacks of playing PS4 games in Pc is its FPS (Frames/second) The refresh rate and FPS are one of the major factors in determining the equality of the game. PCSX4 has unlocked FPS, which means you can set any FPS as you desire. Though you cant vary the refresh rate. It completely depends on the monitor or any output devices.
  • Multiple Input devicesWhat is the fun in playing all the game alone? PCSX4 also supports the multiplayer game. And the best part is you can use multiple devices as input devices. You can use mouse and keyboard as for playing a multiplayer game. It also supports PS4 and Xbox one controller. These just plug and play type devices.

Well, that’s all about Best PS4 emulator for PC. You can install this emulator and play all your PS4 games on PC. Hope this article is clear. If you are having any issue while installing do let me know in the comments.

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