Best Sports Addons to Watch Live Boxing on Kodi

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Boxing is the favorite game of millions of people around the world. People are eager to see the boxing events. If you are a boxing freak and if you want to stream boxing events on Kodi, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will explain how to watch boxing on Kodi for free.


How to Stream boxing content on Kodi for free

Hundreds of sports add-ons are available to stream fight on Kodi, but only some add-ons are related to boxing. And some all in one addon have boxing as a part of it. So there are subcategories with framed content. We tested a lot of add-ons, but unfortunately, some have not done well. Finally, we are here with the best and working addons with boxing content.

Best Sports Add-ons to Boxing on Kodi

Most boxing articles can be categorized as live events, competitions and highlights. We share ways to see these three things. Unfortunately, there is only one extra work to deliver all these materials on a roof. So, depending on your needs, you must make a selection of the following add-ons.

1. Supremacy sports addon

This is one of the best add-ons for boxing content. Supremacy is an all in one sports addon from Supremacy repo. Supremacy repo acts as a host for many other add-ons too, but out of them, Supremacy sports add-ons is the best. The best thing about this repo is it has all other features of other addon and apart from it, this repo also has some of its unique features. You can install this version from Supremacy repository. The content is categorized in such a way it is very user-friendly. Totally, the content is classified into 16 sections. See other amazing items of this addon. This includes the live streaming of UFC, MMA, NBL, WWE, and other Sports Channel. If you are a great sports fan, this addon will make your day.

2. Joker Sports

As mentioned before, not all elements are available under one roof. The Supremacy sports addon is good, but some features are not found. Joker Sports Addon is a great and classy addon especially for sports, which can be used to watch boxing on Kodi. Offers content directly from YouTube. It offers reduced loading times and helps the user to access any content (without any Geo Restrictions ). You can install this awesome addon from the kodil repository or the Maverick repository. Its content is classified in 17 sections for easy navigation.
The game includes IPTV games, UK Sports Channel, Mobro Sports Channel, International Sports Channel, Extreme Sports Channel, PAC-12 and Jen Sports Channel. Each of them has links to different channels. They are grouped under these names. Please check the content.

3. Fight Tube addon

Compared to other add-ons we discussed, the Fight Tube has some distinct characteristics. Its content is classified as a series. It is quite cool. But many users prefer the default style.¬† Box Nation Offical, Boxing Legends, Boxing Social, British Boxers, England Boxing, HBO and a few more. You can install this setup from the Rockcrusher repository. The main content of this category is very difficult for new users. But if you’re looking for a steady stream of channel providers, it makes it easier.
All content from this addon is streamed from YouTube. All other boxing categories are the same and they have selected for matches.

4. The magic dragon

Magic Dragon all in one combination. This included in the list because it offers classic boxing matches. The content is classified as a tree structure. There are 19 main categories of cinemas, games, documentaries, radio, entertainment and more. These are subtypes in groups. This helps the user to easily find the right content. You can install Magic Dragon Kodi Addon from the Supremacy repository.
The other sports content and the film content of this competition are doing well. You can check other contents of the main category. This addon is sure that your list of favorite add-ons will receive a status.


In this way, we arrived at the end of the article. These are a few add-ons that are working perfectly and can be used to watch boxing on Kodi for free. Let’s love every opportunity. If you have problems, please comment below.

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